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Are you struggling in your relationships?

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How do I get my child to change his behavior? Ask the wrong question and you will get the wrong answer.Terapia bilingue
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The family that makes time to play together is likely to be stronger and happier!,Psicologos para ninos
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When we enter into relationships, both partners bring along all their unresolved issuesFamily Counseling
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Healing Parenting

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This parenting is directed to adoptive parents, foster parents and also can benefit parents facing problems with children that have undergone traumatic events, separation or sressful situations.

Difficult childhood experiences (even those not remembered consciously) can force us to close our hearts for self protection means, from further pain. There is no such thing as perfect parents. We all have "baggage" from our pasts and we build walls of emotional scar tissue to close our unhealed wounds. This protective barrier locks us in and others out and can prevent our ability to create close connections with others.

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Why Play Therapy for Children?
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Why Play therapy for children? Children are unable to understand and talk about their feelings the way adults do. This makes regular talk therapies ineffective in meeting childrens needs. Play becomes therapeutic and healing to children as they express their experiences and emotions. Children can recreate, the experiences that are part of their anger, fears, sadness, or frustration currently influencing their behavior, through play.

A benefit of play therapy is that children can create therapeutic play at their level. The relationship with the therapist allows children the ability to be safe when creating emotionally stressful experiences.

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